Anna Schubert Headshot
Anna Schubert Headshot

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R e v i e w s

"Anna Schubert is luminously expressive as the highly emotional and dramatic Elisabeth..."

-Anita W. Harris, Signal Tribune

"...all four performances were solid, with Schubert particularly standing out..."

-Greggory Moore, Random Lengths News

"Schubert... was very convincing as the dominate [sic] and domineering sister... Schubert’s actions draw a clear and direct line toward that end."

-Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

"Soprano Anna Schubert... is an expert at projecting fear, which was just as useful for the role of Elisabeth as it was in [p r i s m] — and she caught the character’s childlike quality as well."

-Richard S. Ginell, SF Classical Voice


"Anna Schubert, as Bibi... conveyed both the radiance and the instability of these projected selves."

-Alex Ross, The New Yorker

"Bibi, sung tumultuously and tenaciously by Anna Schubert..."

-Rebecca S. Lentjes, National Sawdust Log

"...challenging roles perfectly carried off by Rebecca Jo Loeb and Anna Schubert..."

-Zoë Madonna, Boston Globe

"Anna Schubert... and Rebecca Jo Loeb... were astonishing, singing their demanding music with lustrous freedom while enacting their rigorously punishing roles with compelling intensity."

-Christopher Corwin, Parterre Box

"Schubert's soprano is softly lyric and moves from innocence to devastation with an actor's ease."

-Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts

"Her face is expressive. Her voice is powerful, precise, with round, elegant edges. Soprano Anna Schubert is revelatory in this role."

-Catherine Womack, I Care If You Listen

"In a dazzling performance... soprano Anna Schubert disrupted opera’s canonical narrative of women’s undoing..."

-Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

"...Reid’s music generated tremendous tension wherever needed, inspiring Anna Schubert to respond with a passionate performance in the role of Bibi."

-Richard S. Ginell, Classical Voice North America

"...the dramatic power of Loeb and Schubert’s performances that give prism its overwhelming power."

-Jim Farber, San Francisco Classical Voice

"Schubert’s acting is first-rate. Opera characters run the risk of being nothing more than caricatures if executed poorly, held together by scenery and costume. Not so with Schubert, whose role demands physical strength coupled with fragility. Whether crawling from bed to chair on her damaged legs or hurtling her weight against dancers holding her aloft, Schubert held nothing back in her emodiment of the protagonist."

-Leaha Maria Villarreal, New Classic LA

"Anna Schubert as Bibi sang and acted most effectively with her silvery lyric soprano voice."

-Maria Nockin, Broadway World

"Soprano Anna Schubert (Bibi) and mezzo-soprano Rebecca Jo Loeb (Lumee) are both strong singers and theatrically forces with which to be contended."

-Mark Swed, LA Times

"Standouts among the street-chorus soloists included soprano Anna Schubert ("Thank You")..."

-Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal

"Anna Schubert was the other clear standout in this program. Straightforward and nearly flawless, she is a wonder."

-Lauri D. Goldenhersh, Singerpreneur

"Notable performances came from Anna Schubert and Luc Kleiner.... they stunned audiences with their control and vocal athleticism."

-Joshua Walker, Huffington Post

"Anna Schubert as the controller... hit the highest possible notes with clarity and ease..."

-Betsie Freeman, Omaha World-Herald

"Soprano Anna Schubert stole the show, with one of the finest performances of “Rejoice greatly” I’ve ever heard."

-Lauri D. Goldenhersh, Singerpreneur